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INDOMIE ONION CHICKEN 70g is an instant noodle for the hungry. Indomie is the first instant noodles brand in Nigeria. This instant noodle is packed with nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals for a well-balanced meal. Each pack comes with 70g of dehydrated noodles, chilli powder, seasoning spice and onion flavoured oil.

Indomie was launched in the Nigerian market in 1995 following the incorporation of De-United Foods Industries, a collaborative venture between Salim Group of Indonesia and Tolaram Group of Singapore. and is a well-loved instant noodle brand. The range of products Indomie offers commands a substantial degree of brand loyalty and enviable “top of mind’ status amongst its consumers.

This is a quick healthy meal that only needs boiling water, please follow the instruction on the body for accurate preparation. INDOMIE ONION CHICKEN 70g can be enjoyed by everyone, children and adults alike. Our INDOMIE ONION CHICKEN 70g price is NGN3,300 for a carton of 40 Packs. Buy at wholesale price from Pack 'N' Pay now to start enjoying this Household staple! 

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