How to use reward points on a phone

by User

    Reward points are a new and exciting way for you to get rewarded for shopping with us. You can convert your points to discounts on orders anytime you choose. You can accumulate points in a variety of ways the first way is through making purchases, everytime you make a purchase you get some reward points back smiley you can also get some points by referring friends who go on to make a purchase and finally you can also win them in our giveaways and other promos.  This simple guide will teach you all you need to know about using your reward points.


The first step is to ensure you are logged into your account. If you're not sure how to do that please checkout this article here. Once you are logged in you can see how may points you have accumulated on our website. Simply click the My Account button in the top right and then click 'My Points'.



To use your reward points simple browse through the site, add products to your cart and then proceed to checkout as you normally would. Not sure how to do that then click here to find out how. Once you get to the checkout page, things get a bit EXCITING. 

Scroll towards the bottom of the checkout page and you will see a new message telling you how many points you have. In the box above it simply type how many points you would like to spend then click apply. 

Your points will then be converted to a cash discount for your order.

You can now complete your checkout and enjoy your discount.