How to place an order on desktop

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Placing an order is very easy and this guide will show you how.

First you will need to create an account if you dont already have one. You can find out how to register for one here. You can fimd out how to login to your account if you already have one here.

STEP 1 : Search for a product 

To find a product that is not on the home page locate the search bar at the top of the page betwee the categories and my accounts buttons. Next type the  name of the product you would like. As you type you will see a list of the most popular items that match your search. Simple press the enter key or click the blue magnifying glass to see all results.

STEP 2: Select the product you like

Click on the image of the product or name of the product from the search results page

STEP 3: Add desired quantities and place in cart

After clicking the desired product image you will be taken to a more detailed view of the product. Here you can see the description and other relevant details of the products. Next indicate how many cartons of the product you would like use the plus (+) to  increase the amount and the minus (-) to reduce the number of the cartons or click the number and type the exact amount you need. (Look out for quantity discounts so that you can save more).  Finally click the add to cart button. Adding to cart is like placing an item in your shopping basket, you haven't bought it yet but you've indicated that you want it.

Step  5: Proceed to checkout

After adding all the products you can now complete your order. Click the basket at the top right of your screen and then click checkout . 

This shows you all the procucts you have added to your and allows you modify the quantities you've added to your carf if everything looks good click Proceed to Checkout. 

STEP 6: Tell us where to send it.

We are almost done with the process. All that is left is to pick a delivery method either our paid delivery or warehouse pick up option. If you want the products delivered to you remember to enter your address and contact details. You can find a summary of the items in your cart on the right.

Next read and accept the terms and conditions. Once accepted to can proceed to pay with any of our payment options. 

Once you make the payment hurray your order has been placed and we will ship your items to you within 2 days.


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