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Sweetcorn is a variety of maize that is high in sugar, it is picked while immature to prevent the sugar from turning into starch. A major benefit of eating sweetcorn is its high soluble fibre content which aids in digestion, it also helps you stay fuller for longer and decreases the risk of heart disease. 

Golden Country Sweetcorn 340g contains corn, water and a sprinkle of sea salt. Golden Country sweetcorns are picked and packed at the height of sweetness and hygienically packaged and canned to preserve the sweet taste. There are no added colours and flavours. There are numerous sweetcorn recipes such as sweetcorn fritters, sweetcorn salsa, steamed sweetcorn etc. Sweetcorn can be eaten as a snack, a side and the main dish. 

Our Golden Country Sweetcorn price is NGN5,500 which is very affordable for a pack of 12. Buy now at wholesale price from Pack 'N' Pay to start enjoying this Canned Food! 

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