About our company



Like our MD says, “…At the end, we are only simple traders trying to make the world better”. Pack ‘N’ Pay was born from looking at the impact that the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown had on people, especially those in the retail business. Store fronts shut for good. Men and women not being able to provide for their families. We recognized the problem and we made it our mission to help solve it.

How do we get these people the goods they need to sell at best prices in the market, reduce the stress of the traditional order process and not compromise on quality? By leveraging technology we are answering all these questions and more. At Pack ‘N’ Pay our mission is and would always be to help people and solve problems.

We are a highly customer-centric company, we hope to work closely with our customers who are majorly business owners to make their lives a little bit easier. We are only just starting on our journey, but we hope to achieve a lifetime of humble service.




Pack ‘N’ Pay is a product of CIC Integrated Services LTD. CIC was created as a wholesale store that supplies food to offshore catering companies to feed the offshore workers. Hence the name C.I.C which stands for “Chop I Chop” (holds laughter).

During the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, Pack ’N’ Pay was created as a product that would leverage technology to solve the problems of retailers and wholesalers who were negatively impacted by the lockdown. Pack ‘N’ Pay officially started operations on January 18th 2021 and launched her ecommerce website on March 1st 2021.




We deal in the sale of fast moving consumer goods like, coca-cola, milo, sunlight detergent and others. Go through our website to view our wide range of products up for sale or subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media handles to get notified when we update your favourite products or add new ones.